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Evaluating exit criteria and reporting

Evaluating exit criteria is the activity where test execution is assessed against the defined objectives. This should be done for each test level, as for each we need to know whether we have done enough testing. Based on our risk assessment, we’ll have set criteria against which we’ll measure ‘enough’. These criteria vary for each project and are known as exit criteria. They tell us whether we can declare a given testing activity or level complete. We may have a mix of coverage or completion criteria (which tell us about test cases that must be included, e.g. ‘the driving test must include an emergency stop’ or ‘the software test must include a response measurement’), acceptance criteria (which tell us how we know whether the software has passed or failed overall, e.g. ‘only pass the driver if they have completed the emergency stop correctly’ or ‘only pass the software for release if it meets the priority 1 requirements list’) and process exit criteria (which tell us whether we have completed all the tasks we need to do, e.g. ‘the examiner/tester has not finished until they have written and filed the end of test report’). Exit criteria should be set and evaluated for each test level. Evaluating exit criteria has the following major tasks:

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