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Sample of Mobile Test Cases

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TEST 1 — Installation

Before starting the test round, use a file manager to note the free user space available on the phone. You will need this information in test 8.
1 Install the application being tested.The application must install without error.
2 During installation note the version number presented to the user.The version number must match that specified during submission.
3 Verify that the application has successfully installed on the device by navigating to the area on the phone where new applications are installed.The application should present one or more icon(s) on the phone.
For any submissions which do not appear obviously once installed, the submitter must include details in the submission statement of how successful installation can be verified.If the content does not appear obviously on the device once installed, and specific instructions are lacking in the submission statement, then this test will be failed.

TEST 2 – Application start/stop behaviour

1 Start the application by selecting the icon or following the steps outlined in the submission statementNavigate to the Task Manager and check that the application appears there.
2 Close the application from the Task Manager.Exit the Task Manager, and re-launch the Task Manager. The application must no longer appear in the Task Manager.
3 Start the application as in Step 1.Go to the Task Manager to verify that the application is running. The application must appear in the task manager.
4 Close the application from within the application UI and then return to the Task Manager.The application must no longer be running and must no longer appear in the task manager.
5 Restart the application as in Step 1.Navigate to the Task Manager. The application must once again appear in the Task Manager.
An application which must run in the background does not need to appear in the Task Manager or present a UI so long as the developer justifies this behaviour during submission.All applications must have some way of verifying that they are running on the device, though, and the developer should provide this information.

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