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14 Sep

Defect Management Process

Defect management process

  • Defect Prevention  – Implementation of techniques, methodology and standard processes to reduce the risk of defects.
  •  Deliverable Baseline  – Establishment of milestones where deliverable will be considered complete and ready for further development work.  When a deliverable is base lined, any further changes are controlled.  Errors in a deliverable are not considered defects until after the deliverable is base lined.
  •  Defect Discovery  – Identification and reporting of defects for development team acknowledgment.  A defect is only termed discovered when it has been documented and acknowledged as a valid defect by the development team member(s) responsible for the component(s) in error.
  •  Defect Resolution  – Work by the development team to prioritize, schedule and fix a defect, and document the resolution.  This also includes notification back to the tester to ensure that the resolution is verified.
  •  Process Improvement — Identification and analysis of the process in which a defect originated to identify ways to improve the process to prevent future occurrences of similar defects.  Also the validation process that should have identified the defect earlier is analyzed to determine ways to strengthen that process.
  •  Management Reporting  – Analysis and reporting of defect information to assist management with risk management, process improvement and project management.

Verification and Validation detail image

verification and validation detail image

Validation(FDA): Establishing documented evidence which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific                            process will consistently produce a product meeting its predetermined specifications and                                 quality attributes. Contrast with data validation.

Validation, Verification, and Testing (NIST): Used as an entity to define a procedure of review, analysis, and                                                                       testing throughout the software life cycle to discover errors,                                                                            determine functionality, and ensure the production of quality                                                                            software.

Verification, Software (NBS): In general the demonstration of consistency, completeness, and correctness of                                              the software at each stage and between each stage of the development life                                                      cycle. See: validation, software.

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