My Software Application Testing Services

Software Application Testing Services

Functional and Regression Testing:

Functional testing is a significant step for any product as it ensures that the end product meets the unique useful specifications. Our application testing team first reviews useful specification documents and develop an accepting of business requirements. Then they develop detailed test cases and a test plan. During the application testing cycle, they carry out multi-user test scenarios as well. As part of the process, they capture and report issues and retest application once issues are resolved.

Usability Testing:

Usability testing ensures that the application behaves precisely according to what is expected by users and meets usage standards. Our usability test plans are based on understanding and analysis of target audience behavior. It is important to know how they work together with the system and results they expect. While performing usability testing, our test engineers determine if the system meets the basic requirements including ease of navigation, ease of use, and system response to certain user actions. Our team prepares detailed test plans and document test cases for functionality, user experience, design, and application performance.

Performance Testing (Load/Stress Testing):

Our application testing team coordinates with the application development team to plan detailed test cases and test plans to calculate the performance of the system. At the end of the testing cycle, we produce a detailed report that documents standard issues. To add to our advantage, we offer insights into what needs to be done with system architecture, database, technology, etc. As part of our comment and suggestions.

Cross Browser and Client Compatibility Testing:We test applications across different web browsers and in a supportive operating environment to ensure constancy in the performance and behavior of the system. For mobile applications, we test applications on supported mobile technology platforms and client devices. We prepare and accomplish a series of test cases to ensure that application performs constantly across browsers and operating environments.
Automated Testing:

Our application testing panel understands the value of automated testing and can establish the scenarios in which setting up automated testing environment can be useful. We have a skilled pool of test engineers who plan and prepare detailed automation plans and set up test environments.

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