Personality of SRK

He speaks with calm

While watching his interviews, I really get shocked at his relax behavior. He gives a fabulous cool answer even too hot controversial questions. He speaks so well with his characteristic wit. Once in an interview, he said,
“When a movie flops, we find hundreds of excuses, rights from the color of one’s socks to the Great Wall of China.”

His Informed Attitude

His attitude is well-informed. Whenever he speaks about something, he’s something really worth sharing in his mind. He’s got knowledge about what he talks about. Even when he makes movies, he collects background compulsory knowledge-base behind that movie. If you will question him about his superhero flick Ra.One, he’ll answer to your question quite technically but in very easy language.

High Passion

The man keeps his passion high, always. Passion in someone’s life is as must as having a key to start a vehicle. You’re to ignite your talent with a key of ‘your passion’ to drive your life. So higher the passion is, higher will be the chance of getting goal achieved and SRK knows it very well. Developing a six-pack in his 40s for Dard-e-Disco in Om Shanti Om is an example of his passion. Recent superhero sci-fi flick Ra.One is also a monument of his high passion; otherwise, this was really not possible to make it in Bollywood town.

His Killer Enthusiasm

Whenever some of his coworkers are interviewed, the enthusiasm of Badshah of Bollywood is talked about with much eager. Enthusiastic people are more likely to be successful; as they replace pessimism with optimism. You must have watched out Shahrukh Khan’s enthusiasm at IPL Season 5; the man was just out of control because of happiness he got when his KKR (Kolkatta Knight Riders) won the final. Guys like KK welcome success with both hands as they’d struggled out a lot in achieving it.

Up-to-dated iSRK

He keeps himself updated about the latest technology. He’s an e-book reader, a gadget-user, video-game-lover and blah blah blah. This is why he’s well-informed and educated. He was also one of the few B-town people who immediately realized the importance of microblogging platform Twitter and social network Facebook. He uses his twitter account time-to-time whenever necessary.

Family Guy

Shahrukh Khan is a family guy and the world knows this reality. Whenever he’s interviewed, he looks for the chance to speak to his son, daughter, wife and most probably his parents who’d left this world in 1990. He lived many years without his parents in the age when someone needs them badly. But he has never blamed nature or some other reasons. He just went on his way to success. He often says that he’d wish his movies to be so big that his parents watch them from Heaven. The family is a bondage to keep us unite. Only because of family, we feel that we’re not alone. And SRK knows it better.

I’d love to listen to some more good things of Shahrukh Khan from which we can get life lessons from in the comments.


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